Android Tv - What the Heck it is?

Smart TVs have been around for a while now and the things they offer generally make a lot of sense for especially people who want to cut the cord that is get rid of their expensive, cable, TV or satellite subscription, and only watch the cheaper or sometimes even free content that's available online.

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And while this functionality won't seem like anything groundbreaking to Windows, Media Center or XBMC aficionados, not everyone wants a full-blown PC clunking up their living room, so Smart TVs, great underlying concept. So why exactly?

Is it that commercial, Smart TVs never caught on on their own and manufacturers ended up cramming them down our throats by eventually phasing out dumb TVs altogether?

Well, if you've ever used one, you probably know weird remotes and control schemes that never work useless. Voice-Recognition anaemic hardware and software that ranged from 1/2 asks to were these games being by a bunch of kindergartners in comas.

But there's hope Google wants to give the Smart TV a real boost in popularity with an OS that they're calling android TV, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like Android on your television whoa Linus bro. Doesn'T Google already have the chromecast how's this new?

Well, yes, they do, but while they're $ 30 hdmi dongle that smart ins up your TV a little by using a small Wi-Fi antenna to receive online video content from your wireless devices and your router was very successful. Android TV builds on it in a number of ways. The new OS is built around voice, searching and can answer complicated queries from the user.

For example, you can ask your TV to show you all the movies that won an Oscar in 2010 and then pick one from that list seconds later. Android TV also delivers the best of both worlds. In terms of control, you can, thankfully, use a full size, TV remote. Instead of having to fumble around for your smart phone to control it like the chromecast, you can download and use Google Play apps directly on the device instead of having to beam them from a mobile device with the latency that comes along with that, and there's no Need to abandon the ability to flick, whatever you're, watching on your tablet or phone to your TV, if you so desire.

But what about the folks who aren't content to sit and watch TV has another big-ticket feature its potential as a gaming platform. Now, although Android devices can't match the raw power of a desktop or gaming laptop, they still have a wide variety of less graphically demanding titles to offer, and the idea of Android gaming in the living room has gained enough traction that multiplayer games and the consoles with accompanying premium-grade controllers to go with them are emerging on the platform, not to mention that some of these devices can even link up with a gaming PC elsewhere in your house for a low latency big-screen PC gaming experience using local network streaming, which leads really well into .

The next point I don't care about any of that I just want to watch orange - is the new black and all of your awesome videos on YouTube. Without checking out my old dumb TV. Do I really have to go and buy a brand-new TV with Android TV on board to do it not at all, with even premium gaming options like the ones we just showed from companies like Razer and NVIDIA coming in at a hundred to two hundred dollars?

You can bet your crystal balls that more affordable, almost as good choices, will be cheap as chips in the coming years or even months, and thanks to androids, increasingly unified experience.

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